Modern technology - Gas-assisted injection molding

Gas-assisted injection molding

We use a modern technology to produce the plastic parts called gas-assisted injection molding , available at PLASTICOM since 2009.

PLASTICOM is among the few companies in the country using this technology, which offers the following advantages:

  • greater freedom in design and dimensions for the parts made
  • increased precision in execution
  • better quality of finishes
  • economy of material, lighter parts
  • increased durability of the part by reducing the force applied to execution.

Production capacity

Since 1993, Plasticom developed its production capacity every year, investing heavily in production equipment and facilities. Thus, the present production area has a total of 2000 m2.

In a continuous development, we aim to double our production capacity in a short-term by building new warehouses and purchasing new equipments.

Our facilities

  • The company has a 2000 m2 production area and a 300 m2 storage area.

  • The production is done with state-of-the-art injection machines with capacities between 30 and 720 tons of force.

  • The power supply of the machines is provided by a Wittmann - Battenfeld centralized system, which has also a role for feeding the machinery with raw material and dehumidification of the plastic granules.

    The system can be used for transporting 7 different materials to the 17 injection molding machines. It can dry up three materials simultaneously.

  • The Battenfeld machines are equiped with advanced robotic arms(Robotic E.O.A.T.) for mechanical removal of plastic parts from the mold.

  • The transportation and the assembly of molds is assisted by a slide bridge with a cappacity of 8 tons from SWF Krantehnik Gmbh - Germany.

    Pod rulant

  • For cooling a water cooler is used for the molds and a Free-cooler is used for the oil necessary in the plastic injection molding.
    To expand the cooling system we acquired a Green Box Chiller from Italy, with a cooling capacity of 150.000 kcal/hour.

Quality assurance

The quality assurance for the manufactured plastic parts is made by comparing them to the standard products.
Specific. rigorous tests are conducted.

Future plans

  • As short-term objective we plan to acquire an additional piece of land of 5000 m2 and expand the production area with 2000 m2.
  • In the future we plan to purchase 6 additional injection molding machines.